Web Design – a few tentative ideas in Power Point format

  Power Point slides of a possible website design – this format could be sent out round outlook online for comments etc. There’s a wide range of possible designs obviously, and any web… Continue reading

Supa Useful Social Media pic posting size info

http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2012/12/complete-image-size-chart-for-facebook-twitter-pinterest-youtube-other-social-networks.html (Homelink and cited info – Url as site, use whois for info if the link is broken in future. Post dated 05 Sept 2015, post created 2012. ┬áSizes of photos may change… Continue reading

There are other Profiles – to be added soon.

Maybe a Static Page to be able to arrange the sequence of sites …

ChildCare Over-8s and Tuition Locally


Thoughts on QAAWyrd-Rubric

  My supa Rubric wordpress to collect all the info – Blogs, Web-blogs, Twitter, Facebook Page, Linkedin, Online Profiles – all in one place.   The blog theme is ok but the first… Continue reading


First Tutor Profile Link

QAAWyrd Twitter

See the Sidebar too     https://twitter.com/qaawyrd

The Facebook Page