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Information Collecting Extended Project Qualification etc.

QAAWyrd – A Diary of Events Building a Micro Biz



Adding some resources

In the background a ‘deeper’ plan is forming to complement all the strands of this micro business – obviously there’s a need for a planning phase with every new business however small or… Continue reading

All these pics need tidying up … kk

Ongoing tasks – but the info and links are so easily available on an old mobile that has free internet!! The speed of the info going on the internet means the tidying up… Continue reading

Web Design – a few tentative ideas in Power Point format

  Power Point slides of a possible website design – this format could be sent out round outlook online for comments etc. There’s a wide range of possible designs obviously, and any web… Continue reading

Supa Useful Social Media pic posting size info (Homelink and cited info – Url as site, use whois for info if the link is broken in future. Post dated 05 Sept 2015, post created 2012. ┬áSizes of photos may change… Continue reading

There are other Profiles – to be added soon.

Maybe a Static Page to be able to arrange the sequence of sites …