Web Design – a few tentative ideas in Power Point format

story board website maybe


Power Point slides of a possible website design – this format could be sent out round outlook online for comments etc.

There’s a wide range of possible designs obviously, and any web name will be lost in the google searches unless we

are at the stage of paying £6 per day and £? per click.

Maybe a web design

Hoping a Power Point can be played from here… but it’s probably a download.

Please email if you wish to download the copy – it mostly on this web-blog to carry around without the need for

a usb stick.  (not having a cloud space …)  It is copyright.  The risk of losing the design is one that’s not really

the main issue at the present time – being able to work freelance with documents flying around the internet

is going to be a concept to accept, unless there is some security system to protect them.

(Blogger doesn’t seem to upload documents).  It may just become a design for products – or be forgotten.


Checking about Serif Affiliates too.