Adding some resources

In the background a ‘deeper’ plan is forming to complement all the strands of this micro business – obviously there’s a need for a planning phase with every new business however small or large but if new opportunities arise that plan must evolve.  In this case the concepts are there and yet the creation of all the profile registrations and the inputs can take some considerable time and data – Offline design of any image and tweaking photos is best of course and yet that process could be infinitely useful in a teaching or tutoring sense.  Its not so much ‘impressing’ potential clients with a ‘portfolio’ at this stage – more a skeleton being created to run tutoring or teaching in a way that can lead to Freelancing for students maybe.

The latest ‘ingredient’ towards this Small Business – the how to of designing anything simple …

qaadesign front page

These resources are not slick and perfect, and maybe it would be more practical to just make an e-how or a you-tube but then the Tutor or the Teacher or the Trainer does not have to be present – and that kind of defeats the objective.