Thoughts on QAAWyrd-Rubric


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My supa Rubric wordpress to collect all the info – Blogs, Web-blogs, Twitter, Facebook Page, Linkedin, Online

Profiles – all in one place.


The blog theme is ok but the first choice was super savvy (Visual) however as usual it wasn’t possible to be able to change the post background colour – which was black!  Having used various themes for this blog we end up with the just ok – one Supa one with  a black post background sadly just had to be changed…

So, we’ve been through Visual, Gateway and Apostrophe and ended up with Baskerville

Background colours for posts cannot always be changed in WordPress – but it is possible in blogger.

Blogger however is not quite the same as the address of the web-blog becomes dot.blogspot – not as Savvy as

The resolution is to make a website with any colours you wish to choose – but its so time consuming at this stage with so many profiles to create – and then there can be the problem of paying for hosting – and any hiccups in payment (as discovered in 2007-8, can result in all your hardwork disappearing without trace – no backup copies are kept with the preparatory website makers… and it can be in a large domain sub-directory).  Of course if you create your own with Software such as Serif you can always upload it again – but at this stage a web-blog is a pretty cool choice.